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"I love not man the less, but nature more" - Lord Byron

Meditate with Horses is relocating to Sunny Brow Farm, Hawkshead, in the New Year. Click here

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The Happiness Hub, is the collective name for the courses, retreats and workshops and classes that I facilitate around the country.

In 2020 my horses will be working from Sunny Brow Farm in Hawkshead. 

Peace and happiness can be found by mindfully returning to nature and connecting to animals, our own hearts and natural surroundings. Human psychological distress is bound with our separation from nature and the destruction inflicted by humankind on the natural world.

I help you optimise your own health and healing through yoga, somatics, meditation, animal therapy, ecotherapy and cold water immersion.. Rediscover, your innocence, your dreams, your creativity, your peace of mind and your untouchable happiness.

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HORSE MEDITATION - An enchanting and unforgettable experience

Horses are great barometers for our meditation practice. If we are peaceful, they are peaceful. If we are fearful, they too are fearful, and so on.  Horses are herd animals and can mimic each others heart rates in order to protect the herd from prey. This is how they know when we are anxious etc. They basically sync with our central nervous system. 

They mirror our emotions so when we relax, they fall asleep, they become very still and affectionate and chose to be close to us. Its beautiful to be among horses in this state. 

Horses survive through relationships; they live for the herd. They really want to connect with us but do have no opinion on what we look like or any other mental agenda. This is why horse therapy is especially good for teenagers and children with anxiety, for trauma victims, anyone longing for that gentle authenticity. Private sessions £75 for two hours. Up to 4 people can join in. For bigger groups, the cost is £20 per person for two hours.  



Yoga is an ancient sanscrit term which means to connect the mind, body and soul. It is healing in so many ways for the body and mind and is amazing to help you

ground, connect and balance your mind and your feeling.  At the moment, Katherine is available to give private classes in Ashtanga and Yin yoga and her own unique style of flow. Private sessions £40 - up to 4 people



The presence and connection of the causes the body to soften which means that you are able to achieve a much deeper stretch, which is amazing for old injuries 

. The horses respond beautifully to the breath and somatic work that we practice in the sessions and become very still to allow for an unforgettable and blissful connection. The sessions also develop balance, concentration and focus with meditation and a pure and tangible connection to nature. Private 121 sessions £75


ANIMALS FOR HAPPINESS - Training - Help to heal your animals

Katherine Beaumont, from the Happiness Hub uses gentle and compassionate methods to heal anxious animals and fix behavioural issues. Katherine will work with the owner to deepen the owner and animal bond. She will set up a programme specifically 

for your beloved animal that will help everyone live together and work together, more peacefully, with more happiness...  £75pr consultation plus travel expenses. 


Such a truly inspirational retreat in every respect - I have learned so much and feel really fortunate to have been a part of such a magical experience which is the start of a new chapter in my personal growth journey. I would love to participate in future retreats. It felt to be a privilege to have the opportunity to mediate with Yogi, Eddy and Duke - the first time I have meditated with horses ... thank-you so much Katherine and thank-you to Rebecca too for the morning yoga session and to all of the other participants.

Susie Beth

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What a beautiful venue full of beautiful people.
I felt very welcome at completely at home within minutes of arriving.
It was my absolute pleasure to visit here at the weekend and take part in the personal evolution retreat day.
I would put a visit here on your bucket list.
Whether it’s a meditation session with horses(a must), yoga, a gong bath, a guided meditation by the lovely Katherine or a mindful walk in nature - they have it all.
I highly recommend the happiness hub and any of the wonderful events they host here to everyone.
Thank you so much.

Patrick Mcbride


Thank you for this morning Katherine. Never thought we'd have 5 people in Penny's stable, and yes, the love was palpable. Mouse is much more relaxed, and Tia let me be present with her when lying down after you left. Think we need to do lots of practice now

Jennifer Stone


What a fabulous experience. It was definitely an eye opener to try something like this. Katherine was extremely welcoming and I felt totally at ease in her presence (and the horses!) This is such a beautiful place with even more beautiful beasts! Magical. Thank you xxx

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My husband and I attended the Recovery Retreat day today and thoroughly enjoyed it. The combination of Katherine’s seminar, Suzy’s nutrition talk and superb vegan buffet lunch, meditating with horses, yoga and other meditation sessions made the day go very quickly. We feel we have the tools to be happier and healthier, and can’t wait to get started. We look forward to attending another retreat soon.

Susan Bowers Scarre

vicky jones.jpg

Fab day lots of brilliant information as well as time to relax, beautiful location and a lovely friendly welcoming family, made us feel at home and welcome. Katherine and I met a year ago when she came to teach us to meditate with the horses I worked with, to be honest I thought it might be a bit of new age airy fairy nonsense but I loved it! And got a great response from the horses, made me very emotional!  Highly recommend this retreat day as it’s a great way to ensure you put down your tools and relax and forget about day to day stuff. Learn to be in the present, you can’t change the past and the future hasn’t happened so just be! Harder than it sounds but it’s wonderful how much you see and hear around you when you stop and be quiet. 

Vicki Jones


Having 2 small children and currently pregnant, life can get very busy and very stressful, I was looking for a way to find some calm and peace, away from everyday life.. and I can not recommend Katherine and her lovely home and retreat enough, she made me feel very welcome, and adapted everything to suit my pregnancy and my needs! The horse meditation was something totally new to me and as complete novice I didn’t know what to expect, it was perfect, peaceful, and just what a busy Mum needed! Thanks again

Blue Sinead Orchard

Debbie Henderson.jpg

I had come across the concept of meditating with horses and as we have 4 Clydesdales decided it was worth persuing. Having no previous meditating experience I soon realised I needed support... I was so thrilled to be recommended Katherine as she lived near by and when I rang her it was like talking to an old friend. Katherine has been coming to our farm weekly.. I know the term ‘journey’ is over used these days but truly it does feel like that. We’ve laughed, cried, shared life stories and thats before we’ve even worked with the horses.... they are becoming such chilled, happy and confident individuals. We can see all their little personal issues melting away and this is now part of a daily routine that they are loving. So thank you Katherine! Truly couldn’t do it without you. Debbie x

Debbie Henderson

Lee POwell.jpg

I’d seen some amazing videos showing how meditation can help dogs overcome problems, so when a friend told me about Katherine I jumped at the chance to see if she could help my dogs. I had no idea what to expect, but Katherine is such a genuine and gifted person I felt completely relaxed before the kettle had boiled for our first cup of tea. I’ve been through a lot of dog experts looking for help but with little success ...but Katherine nailed it in our second session!!! She’d worked out what Tess needed and guided me through the technique to help her deal with the world. Tess is so much calmer and confident it’s a joy to see. Katherine’s now helping Archie find his happiness and inner puppy! And the dogs aren’t the only ones who’ve benefited, I’m definitely more at ease with life in general. It’s an amazing experience and a joy to share...a big thank you from all of us, Lee, Archie and little Tess 

Lee Powell

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Thank you for sharing your happiness...

Jack Kornfield

"There is no higher happiness than peace"

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