Animals for Happiness

All domesticated animals have their idiosyncrasies and funniocities and that is why we love them. But when their behaviours are not safe and emotionally damaging then we have to step in, soothe, regulate, teach and heal. 


I teach animals to relax and be happy in the same way I teach humans. I bring them into the present moment. When they anxious and fearful, they are not listening or even aware of you and you are unable to teach them anything. 


My compassionate and gentle methods bring your pet into a relaxed state so that we can teach them how to overcome their fears and get over problematic behaviours.


The basics to this very simple method can be taught within an hour and I can guide you, with my experience, through the reactions of the animal.


Meditation will also heal your animals physically. Anxiety and stress causes illness, just like in humans, so help them relax, heal their pain and watch them thrive. 


Its crucial to all mammals to communicate viscerally and this is how herd animals survive. The increasing heart-rate of a horse within a herd will entertain the heart rates and central nervous systems of the rest of the herd. This will bring the collective heart rate up and alerting the whole herd, within seconds, of danger. 


Its this visceral feeling that the animals pick up on when we mediate with them and it is very powerful for your pets. 


All animals are looking for peace of mind, just like us, and knowing that you can give it to them will deepen your bond and happiness together. 


Whether your horse wont load, your dog bites the postman, your cat shies from stroking or your llama wont wear his halter - the basic principles for treatment are all the same - and the results last for life. 


I can visit you and your animal for just £30 per hour and help you both through your behavioural problem with gentleness and compassion. 


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Thank you for this morning Katherine. Never thought we'd have 5 people in Penny's stable, and yes, the love was palpable. Mouse is much more relaxed, and Tia let me be present with her when lying down after you left. Think we need to do lots of practice now - Jennifer Stone


Thanks so much for today. I feel can finally have visitors without the incessant barking and its such a relief for Tess and I. She just conked out so I left her in peace 😊. I was tired so she must have been utterly exhausted bless her. Would you mind sending me a photo if possible so I can show Chris. - Lee Powel


Hi Katherine, after you left, I brought Sam in and meditated (took 3 mins as it’s his new favourite thing) washed, towelled and creamed all 4 legs with out a murmur!! Took an hour and meditated at every stage but amazingly he only came up a couple of times and stayed chilled throughout. I wanted to run round the yard waving my arms in the air!! 😂  - Debbie Henderson