£75 for a two hour session - includes up to 4 people

£20 each for groups larger than 4

Meet Katherine

I fell in love with horses as a child. This was a time of innocence and happiness when I spent a lot of time wandering around the woods and on beaches, talking to my dog and any other creature that crossed my path. 

I feel that as children, we are a beautiful and whole and that life sometimes eats up slices of that innocence and our happiness and vitality along with it. 

15 years ago, I discovered the potent benefits of yoga and meditation and that is when I came full circle, to embrace my roots; my original adoration of nature. 

I have spent a lot time absorbed in my own methods in order to heal and flourish. I firmly believe that animals and nature, not only have the power to heal us, but that they are essential in order for us to live a life of self-assured tranquility and peace. 

From my sessions, outside with horses, you can expect a transformation or a growth in confidence, calm, contentment, clarity of mind, comfort and joy. 

Many also experience rapture, exhilaration, inspiration and bliss. 

What will you experience?  


The physical benefit from meditating with horses?


Lower cortisol levels, improved immune system, improved brain function, improved digestive system, a boost in serotonin levels and oxcytocin. Heart rates and blood pressure decrease.

How does this work?

When meditating, the body undergoes a structural change, in fact, MRI images show a complete change in the brain’s different departments, changes that relax the body.

When meditating, beta waves, produced when information is being processed, decrease, and are replaced by alpha waves, which are associated with total brain coherence. The frontal and parietal lobes, which deal with reasoning, planning, and processing sensory information, slow down. And without a glut of incoming stimuli, the nervous system is able to rest, resulting in relaxation and improved functioning in the entire body.


Why horses?

Horses are fantastic barometers for our meditation practice. If we are peaceful, they are peaceful. If we are fearful, they too are fearful, and so on.  The co-regulation  of the central nervous system is critical for all mammals. The stronger, more coherent, oscillating system will entertain the weaker, more chaotic one. In other words, the more powerful, regulated nervous system of a healthy horse causes our central nervous systems to sync with theirs and brings us into a state of intense well being.

Horses are profoundly relationship orientated; they live for the herd. While connecting with a horse we can experience relationships without being concerned with the mental agenda or emotional baggage from another person. Horses are only interested in our true essence and so we can be validated and appreciated for who we truly are and not our achievements our looks or our roles in society. This is why horse therapy is especially good for teenagers and children with anxiety; the bond with a horse can be the purest form of love you will ever know. 


The Method

A typical session would start with a lesson in safety and horse psychology. Next some exercises to help you feel still and relaxed. Once we are still, we wait for the horses to respond. The horses normally get very sleepy and affectionate and choose to be very close to you. Sometimes they like to lie down and have a sleep or they may just want to touch you in some way. At this point, we deepen our mediation and come into a state of bliss, clarity or euphoria. 

Often, I do a guided meditation or make some intentional physical connections with the horses, such as a heart connection. Sometimes, especially with young people, we play games with the horses, asking them to follow us around obstacles or complete challenges. We are playful and absorbed, we find our inner children.