CentOS 7 Using Install GNOME, KDE Graphical Interface

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If you find the required CentOS version and download it, is there no graphical interface, how to install it?

1 Enter root mode

Because of the permission restriction, we need to enter the root mode, switch to root login or system running can be switched to root users.

2 installation X window system

1. First install the x (x window system), command to

Yum GroupInstall “X Window System” pay attention to quotation marks

Then the system will automatically find the most recent network to download the download.

Select Y, start installing

When Complete appears! Note This is successful here.

Here you check the software we have installed and the software that can be installed.

Yum grouplist

Enter Yum GroupInstall “Gnome Desktop”

Yum GroupInstall “Graphical Administration Tools”

Press Y when it is paused.

pay attention! The name must correspond to, otherwise no packages in any request group available to install or update error. This is because the software name of different versions of CentOS may be different (other Linux systems are also similar)

Finally, wait for the installation.

We can enter the graphical interface by command startX.