Is the hard disk capacity is not enough?It turned out to be cheated by Windows

Guide you buy 1TB hard drive for the hand only 931GB, where is the 100GB? Is it a hard disk factory to lie to me? This article takes you to explore.

The 1TB hard drive you bought is only 931GB. Where is the 100GB? Is it a hard disk factory to lie to me?

For the iPhone, I found that IPHONE 13 Pro Max far peak blue 1TB version is really written. It is 1TB even more zero TB. See this is what I want to shout immediately: Apple Niu Jun!

Don’t worry, it is actually that Microsoft has been a small mistake since so many years. This problem is in units, and we usually say KB, MB, GB, TB, in fact, it should be Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Chinese names are called kilobytes, megabytes, Ji-bytes, too biops, and there is still other larger units, but we don’t think about it here, all.

The problem is here, according to the standard of the International Unit System (SI), the KILO prefix represents 1000 times Byte, the MEGA prefix represents (1000 * 1000), which is the secondary side of 1000, with this, GIGA representative (1000 * 1000 * 1000), 1000 is three times. If this is calculated, this unit is converted to 1000. It is also the algorithm of our common hard drive storage space, and the standard of Apple, the international unit system of this algorithm (Si) standard is written by KB, MB, GB, TB (B certain capital, representing byte bytes, if it is lower b represents Bit bit, 1byte = 8bit).

Therefore, we see that the storage space of Apple Equipment is “Foot Tight”, 1TB version of the mobile phone, is a 1TB space.

In Microsoft, it is different, Microsoft is written as KB, MB, GB, TB in Windows, but his calculation method is based on binary methods, this way is accurately written, it should be kib, mib, GIB, TIB, full name, Kilo Binary Byte, can be abbreviated as kibibyte (thousand binary bytes), Mega Binary Byte abbreviation into mebibyte, giga binary Byte abbreviation into Gibibyte, Tera Binary Byte abbreviated as tebibyte.

This binary conversion is turned into, 1kib = 1024byte, 10 mib = 1024kib, 2. The problem is in this place. It is equivalent to correctly writing. The 1TB hard drive you bought is displayed in the Windows system, but the system is displayed in the system because of the display small problem of Windows.

Although this is a little bit of a small problem, since Windows has more than 90% of the machine, everyone is so used, and it will gradually become habits. If you suddenly change it, you can lead to some strange problems. So just like this, everyone thinks so, don’t you become a industry standard?

Windows is actually very rigorous to accurately display the size of the file in the attribute, and the rear conversion is just some of them.

In fact, this unit has been discovered in many years ago, many friends who use Apple should also find the same file from the Internet or copy from Windows computer, it will be inexplicable, this In fact, it is the problem of the display.

Before, everyone thought was a hard disk manufacturer to cut the workers, but it seems that it seems that it is not entirely like this, but it is only the problem of the unit.

The status is that Apple Equipment does not appear for non-lasting problems because of the standards of the International Unit System (SI), so there is no special comment on the parameter page. Some hardware devices that are often used under the Windows ecology have been retrieved.

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