Learning a little Linux every day becomes a habit

No matter what technology to learn, are from the white, no big man is born, you envy those big men, are through continuous hard study and metamorphosis into big men. Due to the need to solve the survival problem, and I am also interested in Linux, so I plan to engage in the story Linux operation and maintenance work. First of all, the threshold to learn Linux operation and maintenance is actually very low, in fact, many people think that this kind of work is suitable for higher education, in fact, there is no, as long as you have perseverance and perseverance, you can learn Linux technology, no matter when, do not give up, never give up, you will be able to learn Linux.

As is known to all, there are many commands the Linux operating system, in order to keep in mind that the commonly used commands, ways and study various operation skill, here I suggest that we can go to a simple browsing technology blog posts, can back a back command line, usual after-school time take effort to learn more technology, here, it is strongly recommended that must be reading notes, Recommend to into a habit of writing blog, everyone should write tech blogs, technology blog actually is not just about the significance of taking notes, more important is to be able to deepen their understanding of the knowledge, if students have the similar BOSS hiring, 58 these platform above IT to find a new job, most of the time, you write technology blogs will be pluses, HR will take the initiative to request to see even you write technology blog, by looking at a person’s technology blog, you can see this person ever technology learning experience, could see the man’s understanding of technical level is high and low, also can tell you the depth and speed of the learning technology, so it is strongly recommended that each student has just learned to Linux, You can go to CSDN or any other platform to write a blog. That’s not the point. Just get into the habit of writing a tech blog. In addition, you must plan the time to learn Linux every day, it is best to stick to learning every day, here does not require you to learn how many hours a day, as long as you stick to learning every day on the line. In fact, most of the words I said came from professor Andrew Ng, a famous expert on deep learning. He emphasized that beginners of various technologies should keep learning every day, even if they study for an hour. Speaking of the length of time, many students may think, I study 1 hour a day, insist on a week, it is better to directly one breath, study 7 hours a day, and then do other things in the rest of the day. This idea is wrong, because the law of according to the forgetting curve, just learning new knowledge, is the need to remember every day to remember more solid, even if today you study for 10 hours, and then crazy play for 10 days, the 11th day, you will forget a lot of knowledge, and you can also be difficult to enter the learning state of thinking, The reason why I recommend you to learn Linux technology for at least an hour every day is that you want to cultivate the state of learning, the habit of learning, just like you eat a meal every day, do not eat a meal, you will be hungry, once you develop the habit of learning Linux every day, you will find that you are no longer self-discipline, but habit. When a person after a period of time, self-discipline self-discipline will become a habit, you will feel learning for granted, so that learning can lasting forever, and Linux technology is infinite, may learn not over the rest of my life, but you get the learning every day even after the habit of lifelong learning, you be a Linux expert, no big problem. Said so many learning attitude method, here I also recommend you if you want to learn Linux, here is for small white novice said, I hope you can go to see this book, entry level, directly on Baidu search the PDF version of the book to download. This book is very suitable for beginners, step by step to teach you how to learn Linux, as long as you understand the knowledge of the book, and in accordance with the requirements of the book to practice, you can learn Linux, can not guarantee that you learn this book is a great, but you can guarantee that you have a certain degree of understanding of Linux, And doing small projects is not a problem.

There is no end to learning, not only the knowledge learned, but also the awareness and method of learning. Here I have a word to share with you: “Make learning a habit.” Habit is a very important thing, at the beginning of self-discipline learning Linux may make you a short pain, but when you self-discipline for a long time, formed a habit, you will not feel pain, you will feel happy, you will feel very enjoy learning Linux, the ultimate goal of self-discipline is to form a habit! I hope you can develop the habit of learning more than one hour a day on the way to Learn Linux, do not underestimate this hour, adhere to a year is 365 hours, accumulated over a long period of time, thick and thin.

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