Learning Linux must make the foundation

I believe that people who have used the Windows system know that there is still a system. I will not say the importance of the Windows system. In fact, the importance of Linux can be almost related to the Windows planning, only to our daily life, but only We did not find out, but there is no doubt that Linux is very important and useful.

There are many people who say that learning technology will go to watch the video reading. I don’t understand the information. In fact, I have not fully recognized this point of view. I think learning technology must first make the foundation, very simple. If you don’t believe in a word, I will never believe that you can learn Linux. To know, the current Internet technology is almost all the US origin, the main body of the programming language is 26 letters, and a series of mathematics Knowledge, etc. In fact, these basic knowledge play a huge role in our learning programming, but we don’t notice.

If you have to learn Linux, I recommend it to take time to learn mathematics and English, learning technology is the threshold, I will give an example, a master graduated from a college graduated from a university to learn Linux, very clear, The speed of college graduates will definitely be a lot, because he accepted the cultivation of mathematics and English. For those who are not too bad, I suggest that they have more time to take a word every day, consolidate learning mathematics basic knowledge, if everyone’s goal is Linux simple entry, then there is no need to go Learn English, I can go to learn Linux, but I believe that most people’s goals must not stop in the simple entry Linux, but to learn Linux, even learn to be proficient, Linux learned back, the English knowledge required The more, and the update of the latest Linux related technology is also shown in English. Compared to Chinese materials, English materials are the most authoritative and most reliable. This is my experience. You can refer to it, I suggest you Read more English information, not Chinese information.

But if you just go to learn English and mathematics basic knowledge, it will waste too much time, and it is easy for halfway, here I recommend a book that is very suitable for beginners. This book is specifically for beginners, You don’t need to have too many foundations, but simple English words you have to understand, simple mathematical knowledge you have to understand, the most important thing is that you have a pair of hard hands to knock code. This book leads to everyone to enter the team, you can learn the knowledge of this book, consolidate the English and mathematics foundation, on how to learn, I think everyone can develop according to their own situation, such as download some app on the mobile phone, Adhere to the back word every day, you can also query the English words and articles related to computer technology, the words of mathematics knowledge, you can learn more than the higher algebra, etc. You can go to the website of Netease Cloud Classroom and so on, because I think I think Not only is the science and engineering students learn Linux, and some liberal art students may be interested in Linux, so students who are weak in mathematical foundation. I recommend learning mathematics. When you learn this Linux book, you must do more, you have to ask questions to the teacher, classmates, even netizens, of course, you must think about yourself, think you can’t think about it. Check Baidu, Google, etc., then ask people, so efficient, not everyone has time to answer your questions, and many times you still need to rely on ourselves to solve technical problems, and solve technical problems is a program The basic skill of the staff, like this side of this kind of learning Linux, although it may be slower than those who concentrate Linux technology, but this is not tight, because you are giving in Linux, to the middle-level or even high level, you I will find the importance of English and mathematics. I can say no hesitation. You don’t understand English and mathematics. You can’t protect any technology of the Internet, especially like Linux technology, you must consolidate the basics Talent.

Overall, Linux’s development prospect is still very good. You can also check the Linux related job position, you can go to the website to see the website on Linux related work is what you need to know, Then you can combine your actual situation to be targeted, this kind of efficiency can be accelerated, the purpose is clear, the motivation you learn can be accelerated, and there is a little more than three days. Be sure to adhere to the weekly study, it is best to see Linux technology every day, look more, you remember, you will be much easier, you will be much easier when you practice, and finally, I hope everyone can consolidate Good foundation, learn Linux.