SIG technology is broadcast!Technical experts teach you how to collect observable data using iLogtail?

The Drain Community SIG week will invite the core members of each SIG group to share technology. This ILOGTAILSIG double week will bring millions of observable collector iLogtail features and get started. Mainly introduces Ilogtail’s open source background, functionality, and advantages, and demonstrates how to use iLogTail to collect various observable data. The previous SIG technology week video playback has been launched to the Dullevuan official website (Home – Support – Video, welcome to watch).

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Live theme and content introduction This issue: 10 million Observer ILOGTAIL function introduction and entry live broadcast time: January 19, 2022 (Wednesday) 16: 00 ~ 17: 00 live content:

As the infrastructure acquisition of Observer in Ali, Ilogtail carries the acquisition of Alibaba Group, ants, monitoring, trace, events and other observable data. Ilogtail is running in various environments such as servers, containers, k8s, embedded, and supports hundreds of observable data. There are currently millions of installations, collecting dozens of PB overview data, widely used in online Monitoring, problem analysis / positioning, operational analysis, safety analysis and other scenarios.

The audience benefits:

Learn about the functionality of Ilogtail and use scenarios, quickly get started to observe data acquisition.

Suitable for people:

Development, operation and maintenance engineers.


Zhangcheng, Ilogtailsig core member, Ali cloud technical expert, responsible for Alibaba Group, Ant Jin Service, Ali Cloud and other logs collection infrastructure, service tens of thousands of external customers, daytimetric bills PB. At present, it is mainly concerned about the direction of observability, AIOPS, and large scale analysis engines.

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