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Winners are announced!

We have our nominees now for the free places on the summer retreat days. Seven people have been chosen to attend a day of raised consciousness, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, horse therapy, sound therapy and nutrition workshops. They will be fed and watered, loved and nurtured.

It was so difficult to chose from so many people who are clearly in need of a day of self care and healing. So many of you do so much in such difficult circumstances, it was humbling to read the nominations, and reading them really brings about perspective.

Wow, these people deserve a break as, Im guessing, a lot of you do. We have someone with fibromyalgia, someone suffering mental illness and depression, a PTSD sufferer, someone who is caring for their mother, father AND brother, someone who lost a child, and someone who is fighting to rebuild her life after being struck down by a devastating disease.

In the spirit of discretion, the winners wont be announced publicly, but every person who put forward a nomination will be contacted and informed of the decision.

In order to make the free places happen, we need 10 bookings on each retreat day. Come on guys, all you need to do to help out is SHARE THESE EVENTS.

Namaste xx