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Horse therapy, meditation, yoga amazing food... a day of bliss next weekend!

We have our Recovery Retreat coming up next Saturday 28th July so don't forget to book your place to take part in Recovering the person you always intended to be.

Do you remember who you were before life happened to you? Was there a time of innocence when you were connected to your true essence? Was this before you fell off the edge of that place, of knowing yourself, into a sequence of distractions, addictions and events beyond your control? The way back is your Recovery.

10am - Self healing seminar and meditation. A quick look at the traditional 12 step method. How can this apply to even the most “low-level” addictions such as gossip, consumerism, phones, social media or food? with Katherine Beaumont

11am - Addictive foods workshop with Suzee Tylee Looking at foods that will heal the liver, your body’s storehouse for toxicity, anger and frustration. A practical look at stripping down diet and taking out mood altering and sleep damaging foods and looking at happy alternatives. Discussing the addictive nature of food, how we self-medicate and how food can be a source of control in in our lives. Analysing the diet to ensure we not nutrient deficient.

12.30pm - Lunch cooked with love by Suzee

1.30pm River therapy and feeling excavation with Katherine

Breath work, water therapy and a guided meditation that will help you trace back to the source of what is holding you back. Learn to understand and acknowledge the parts of you that you desperately try to avoid. Work with them in order to be whole and at peace.

2.30pm - The healing power of horses workshop Our addictions are what we use to avoid pain, difficult feelings and the emotions we have suppressed when life dealt its blows. The simple fact is that you can’t hide from your feelings around a horse. I will explain how they possess the power to gently show you where you need to grow, face your true feelings and not use habitual consumption to run from your deep self. During this workshop with three gentle horses you will find a place from where you can see your freedom.

3.30pm - Soothing yoga flow for deep connection with Rebecca Ellis Allow Rebecca’s signature soothing yoga flow lift you out of the grip of addictive behaviours which are a source of disconnection and sorrow. Breathe, move, flow and connect with yourself, listen to your body, your intuition, and deeply understand what you need, mind body and soul, for optimum health and happiness.

Please book your place on the following link