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Pan Parenting

Attachment parenting techniques for yourself, your family, your pets and everyone around you.

We all want to love well. Right from being born we seek attachment and love. Unfortunately we live in a traumatised society and the love we seek is not always available to us. Pan Parenting is an idea that I devised to address the isolation and emotional distress in our children, starting with compassionately parenting ourselves and then extending this sense of compassion and kinship to all those around us. Each one of us has the potential to bequeath a little healing wherever we go and create a better world for our kids to live in.

Pan Parenting is based on the idea of Attachment Parenting and Attachment Villages.

Attachment Parenting

The calmer and happier you are, the less stressed your children are. The key to raising healthy children is a nurturing home and community, but those environments are dying due to a social and economic basis for a culture that disregards the sanctity of