Our cancellation policy for experiences and retreats (not venue hire - please see the venue hire section for hiring The Wenning.)

Our policy has been established to help strengthen the commitment between participant and facilitators and to maintain fairness between all. This cancellation policy has been developed from years of experience in all that is involved in create a program of events that is accessible and of high quality.

It has been very carefully thought through and considered. Please note that we are a small organisation with limited resources. We encourage you to take your commitment seriously once you have booked to attend an event as the journey to healing and wellbeing begins as soon as you do.  We offer you this framework with our integrity and care for you. 

All bookings whether made as a group or individual count as one booking and the policy applies as one booking. 

We cannot make any exceptions to these agreement. Please be sure you are comfortable with the policy before you book.

If you at all worried about not being able to attend the workshop you wish to book onto we highly recommend taking out cancellation insurance, similar to holiday insurance. For example if you have children who may get unwell or work situations that are out of your control.