Tianshi Zhixi and Drainow Community, to help open source development with high performance force

Recently, Shanghai Tianshi Zhix Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianshi Zhili”) signed the CLA (Contribution License Agreement, Contributor License Agreement), officially joined the Openanolis.

As the first GPGPU high-end chip and super power supply provider, the number of ÖÇ Ð¾ is the mission of “Become a smart society” as the mission, focusing on building international leading general, standard, high-performance GPGPU computing chips, solving the core calculation The problem of force bottlenecks, empower various industries and upgrades with high performance integration.

The days of the days have officially released the high-performance cloud training of China’s first independent intellectual property, 7nm GPGPU Tianzhu chip and Tianzhu Acceleration card, which realized a breakthrough in China GPGPU chip from 0 to 1. The Tianzhu chip and the Tianzhu accelerator card have the characteristics of high performance, versatility, flexibility, support a variety of precision data type standards and hybrid training, mainstream AI ecology and deep learning framework at home and abroad, and through standardized hardware and software ecological interfaces The industry solves the difficulty of product use, the development platform is migrated, and the recognition of many industrial backbone companies.

In the future, the number of idiots will work deeply with the Drain Community, for the market demand of artificial intelligence, high performance calculation, jointly build GPGPU-based high-end integrity solutions, focus on promoting the application of various industries, continuously booming and booming, helping my country Digital economy is booming.

The Dragon Lizard “Dragon Plan” is in progress, welcome more companies to join.

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Join the dragon group

Add to WeChat Group: Add Community Assistant – Dragon Lizard Community Dragon (WeChat: Openanolis_assis), Remarks [Dragon Lizard] with you; add the staple cluster: Scan the nail colloids. Welcome developers / users to join the Openanolis to exchange, jointly promote the development of the dragon lizard, create an active, healthy open source operating system ecology!

About Drain Community

Openanolis is a non-profit open source community composed of enterprise units, colleges, scientific research units, non-profit organizations, individuals, etc., based on voluntary, equality, open source, and collaboration. The Dragon Lizard is established in September 2020, aims to build an open source, neutral, open Linux issued community and innovative platform.

The short-term goal of the Dragon Lizard is the development of the Dragon Lizo System (Anolis OS) as a Centos stopped, and constructs a community distribution that is compatible with international Linux mainstream manufacturers. The medium-long target is to explore a future operating system, establish a unified open source operating system ecology, incubation innovation and open source projects, and boom open source ecology.

Currently, the Dragon Liz 8.4 has been released, supports x86_64, ARM64, Loongarch architecture, perfect adaptation, Haiguang, Zha, Zhipeng, Longxin and other chips, and provide full stack of national support.

Welcome to join us, create a future open source operating system!