Well-known information security manufacturers fisherman information joined the dragon lizard community to build an open source ecology

Recently, Fisheries Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fisherman Information”) officially joined the Openanolis to build a dragon lizard community with industry ecological partners.

Fisherman information was established in 1998, a head supplier of password products and programs with independent intellectual property rights, is a member of the National Cryptographic Industry Standardization Technical Committee, a national specializing special new “small giant” enterprise. In the development of more than 20 years, the fisherman information built a complete password product system applied from the bottom to the upper transportation management platform, covering basic cryptographic products, PKI password support systems, general security products, industrial control safety products, cryptographic applications.

Guo Gang, president of the Fisherman, said: “After the addition of the fisherman information, after the addition of the Dragon Lizu community, it will actively participate in the construction of the community, and contribute to the ecological construction of the open source operating system, and jointly promote the security construction, healthy development of the open source operating system with community partners. And wide application, help national password industries, the development of my country’s network, and promote digital economic transformation. “

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About Drain Community

Openanolis is a non-profit open source community composed of enterprise units, colleges, scientific research units, non-profit organizations, individuals, etc., based on voluntary, equality, open source, and collaboration. The Dragon Lizard is established in September 2020, aims to build an open source, neutral, open Linux issued community and innovative platform.

The short-term goal of the Dragon Lizard is the development of the Dragon Lizo System (Anolis OS) as a Centos stopped, and constructs a community distribution that is compatible with international Linux mainstream manufacturers. The medium-long target is to explore a future operating system, establish a unified open source operating system ecology, incubation innovation and open source projects, and boom open source ecology.

Currently, the Dragon Liz 8.4 has been released, supports x86_64, ARM64, Loongarch architecture, perfect adaptation, Haiguang, Zha, Zhipeng, Longxin and other chips, and provide full stack of national support.

Welcome to join us, create a future open source operating system!