What system is good for beginner programming?Linux or Windows?

For programming beginners, it will consider which operating system, especially Python, which system is selected. Is Linux or Windows? Xiaobian introduced it.

In fact, for Python beginners, choose the operating system before learning to decide it according to their own situation, which system is more familiar with which system is chosen, after all, learning Python is important in learning syntax knowledge, does not involve application scenarios, The choice of the system is nothing, but after in-depth learning, the operating system will be selected according to different directions.

Overall, Python is currently one of the very popular programming languages, widely used in Web development, large data development, artificial intelligence development, and embedded development fields, which have differences in the development scenarios of these areas, and natural selection systems are also different. According to the direction, it is determined.

For example, Web development can be performed under the Windows system or under Linux system; for large Internet companies, it is best to choose a Linux system, and small and medium-sized companies can choose a Windows system, and of course it needs to be considered according to technical personnel.

For big data directions, you should choose the Linux operating system, because the big data platform part is Linux system, and now the Python big data application field is very extensive, the development prospect is also very good, the number of jobs is high, many people are I want to engage in this position.

I know that Python has a very good role in artificial intelligence. If you want to work in artificial intelligence in the future, you need to know enough about Linux systems.