Windows 10 Configuring Ali Cloud DNS

Windows 10 Configuring Ali Cloud DNS

First, you need to open Ali Cloud Official Mirror Station: https: // Find the DNS server address, follow-up.

1. Open the Windows 10 System Control Panel, click on the icon mode in the upper right corner, click on the Network and Sharing Center option.

2. Click the “Change Adapter Settings” link on the left of the network and shared center, as shown below:

3. Select the network connection that is connected, I am a WiFi connection, and the mouse button is selected “Properties”.

4. The operation of IPv4 is as follows.

IPv4 – Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” in the Network Connection Properties window, then click “Properties”.

In the DNS server address, enter and, and then determine the exit to complete the setup.

5. Verify, open the CMD command prompt, verify via the nslookup command, if the final parsing result is the configured IPv4 public DNS ( or 223.6.6), the configuration is successful.