Windows10 Configuring Ali Cloud NTP



NTP is Network Time Protocol, which is a protocol used to synchronize each computer in the network.

Time zone and time consistency is very important for cloud server ECS, sometimes directly affecting the results of the task execution. For example, when you update your database or analyze log, the time order has a great impact on the results. To avoid problems such as logical confusion and network request errors when running business on ECS instances, you need to unify the time zone settings of the relevant ECS instance. In addition, you can also synchronize local time of ECS instances in each network through NTP services.

You can also open Alibaba Cloud official mirroring station: https: // / View Details.

The following describes how to configure a Windows NTP service to ensure that instance local time is precisely synchronized.

Modify the default NTP server address

The Windows Server operating system configures the Microsoft NTP server ( by default, but may be synchronized frequently. When using Ali Cloud ECS instance, you can replace the default NTP server into the intranet NTP server provided by Alibaba Cloud. Please follow these steps to modify the default NTP server address.

1 Turn on the control panel, click on the clock and zone.

2 Click on the date and time.

3 In the Date and Time dialog box, click the Internet Time Tab and click Change Settings.

In the Internet Time Settings dialog box, select Synchronize with the Internet Time Server, fill in an Ali Yunnet NTP server address, and click Now to update, determine.